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Bezeichnung von Digestil

Digestil contains plant extracts and has a beneficial effect in case of uneasy digestion and bloating.
Ginger contributes to a more rapid and more effective digestion.
Balm is renowned for its soothing and regulating effect on digestion.
Camomile soothes and alleviates digestive heaviness.


Stop with digestive heaviness after meals !

Anwendung von Digestil

Suck daily 1 to 6 lozenges after meals.
Pregnant women (from the 4th month) : up to 4 lozenges daily, maximum 3 consecutive days.
Children from 4 years : up to 4 lozenges daily.

Zusammensetzung Digestil

INGREDIENTS : bulking agent : sorbitol - stabiliser : ß-cyclodextrin - natural flavour : lemon - bulking agent : cellulose - anticaking agent : silicon dioxide - acidifier : ascorbic acid - ginger dry extract (Zingiber officinale) 20 mg - anticaking agent : magnesium stearate - balm dry extract (Melissa officinalis) 10 mg - german chamomile dry extract (Matricaria recutita) 10 mg - natural flavours : bitter orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon - sweeteners : steviol glycosides, sucralose.
MINT- AND SUGAR-FREE (with sweetener from stevia)


Cannot be used during the 3 first month of pregnancy.
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CHF 8,27

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